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About Us

:bulletpink: INTRODUCTION

We are a group based solely on Aerith pairings/shipping. If you ship Aerith with anyone! and I mean anyone!
feel free to join us!
Remember that the shipping DOES NOT have to mean romantically involve. It can be friends, siblings, son/daughter, ect.
If you do Join please follow these simple rules.

:damphyr:RULES :damphyr:

Please do not join the group to flame or spam. This is not a place for you to disrespect others and their pairings they have chosen for Aerith.

This is NOT a place for ALL pairings! it is one for AERITH PAIRINGS! do not come here and submit noctisxcloud, lightningxleon, stellaxyuna, ect

Please read the rest of the rules here:

:damphyr:SUBMITTING RULES:damphyr:

Please submit your own work. Do not take works from others and claim it as your own. If you do, you will be banned from the group.

Submit pictures WITH Aerith ONLY, after all, this IS a group dedicated solely to her and the characters paired to her.

We accept ALL types of art! digital, traditional, cosplays, graphics, stamps, ect. Just make sure to submit into the right folders.

If you are confused about submitting please go here.


Hello everyone! Dawn here. This group is made for all the people who like a certain character with Aerith. Being an Aerith fan, I've always liked Aerith paired with some of my favorite guys/girls but seeing as though I can't go and create ALL the groups, I've decided to merge them all into one huge group. For all the people hiding out there loving Aerith with characters that others have never imagined before, this group was created JUST for you! Hope you guys like the group and have fun submitting.

Newest Members

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o, ̧ ̧,o`o, ̧o, ̧ ̧,o`o, ̧o, ̧ ̧,o`o, ̧
Please DO NOT submit in this folder.
Favorites are chosen by ME

o, ̧ ̧,o`o, ̧o, ̧ ̧,o`o, ̧o, ̧ ̧,o`o, ̧







:damphyr:Who we Affiliate with:damphyr:

:bulletpink:We affiliate with anyone except Anti Aerith! Help spread the word about us and we will do the same.


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=3 no need to thank sweetie.
thank you, I'm glad you liked my drawings^^ Aerith powaaaa!!
I apologize about that. I'll fix it right away.
So I've submitted the art that I believe you wanted in the folder, all you have to do it press yes now x)
Hello there ;)

Yes, I submitted them in the Featured folder because, as i'm not a member, I can only choose the "Suggest a fave" options, and it doesn't allow me to put them in another folder than "Featured"

If you want, I can give you the links to all the drawings I submitted, and I think if you "ask permission to put in your gallery", you'll be able to choose the right folder^^

thank you for showing interest to my drawings, have a nice day ;)
thank you~
OMG! let me go fix it! lol
Join requests are an fix that in 'manage members' under the 'admin' area
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